Test pic from Calzona trip

January 30th, 2014Posted by chevymike

First night camp spot.


January 30th, 2014Posted by chevymike

Testing to see if my mobile app will post and formatting.

CalZona Trip, Dec. 2011 Pt. 1

October 8th, 2012Posted by chevymike

Well, this trip report is… well lets be honest, really behind the times.  Back in Dec. 2011 I was invited on a trip with a few others from the Expedition Portal group (ExPo).  Dave (from the Trasharoo company) had setup a route that would cover 1000 miles, starting from near the US-Mexico border in Ajo, […]

Something new or… I finally got off my butt

October 8th, 2012Posted by chevymike

Well, I haven’t been updating this site nearly as much as I thought I would.  Part of that is that I have been lazy.  The other part is there hasn’t been a lot of changes on the truck or trips taken this year.  I am going to post up one item I did install on […]

Gas/Water Can Holder Mounted

December 19th, 2011Posted by chevymike

Finishing up a few last minute projects before my upcoming Dec. trip, I needed to come up with a way to mount one of the Adventure Trailers gas/water can holders.  Since the HitchGate swing out had a mounting setup for their can holder system, I decided to use this mounting lugs to build my own […]

A Few More Projects Done

December 4th, 2011Posted by chevymike

Slowly chipping away at the project list.  Installed the CB radio and co-phase antenna setup.  I used the Hustler antenna kit, which tends to be popular with big rigs.  Using a co-phase (twin) antenna system, it should give me better transmit and receive function even with having the camper on.  The camper blocks a lot […]

Thanksgiving 2011 Trip

November 27th, 2011Posted by chevymike

With original plans canceled for a trip to the Mojave Road, Lisa, Ellie and I decided to take a solo trip out to the Bradshaw Trail area.  Looking over the map, I found an area that looked like it could be a fun camp area.  Corn Springs is tucked up into a canyon Chuckwalla mountains, […]

Couple Projects Completed

November 21st, 2011Posted by chevymike

As the weather has gotten colder, I have been noticing that the truck is starting a little slower. When the fuel heater grid comes on, the voltage is dropping down in the 9-10 volt range. Since the batteries that were in it, when we purchased it, were 3.5 years old, replacements were due. I purchased […]

Upcoming Project, On Board Air

November 9th, 2011Posted by chevymike

The next major project is to install the On Board Air (OBA) system. This will allow us to refill the tires after airing them down for the trails.  Airing down the tires while offroad greatly improves traction and ride comfort.  It allows the tires to conform to the terrain and creates a larger footprint of […]

Hello world!

November 6th, 2011Posted by chevymike

Today is the beginning of our new site, Overland Adventures.  This will document our overland travels and the vehicles that take us to these amazing places.  We will be getting this new site customized to our liking over the next few weeks so expect lots of changes. Thanks for visiting our little part of the […]